My name is Darrel Anthony Browning Jr, AKA 'DAB'.  My music production name 'DAB' Smooth Beats was created from the initials of my name to add a genuine flare.  I am from Los Angeles, California and I've been involved with music my entire life.  My family history runs deep with a strong musical background, as I've learned to play several various musical instruments from the Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboards and drums throughout my upbringing.  I have performed and collaborated with several various musicians and producers which have been a huge influence in my development. 

Therefore, I happily create, compose and produce my own music beats for the world to use and enjoy!  DAB Smooth Beats will bring the unique sound that's sure to please.

Show your support and  grab the beats you need.  New Beats are coming every week! 

DAB Smooth Beats.